about the 440

The 440 Values







The 440 Vision

A future where no barriers prevent people from moving, ensuring people live a happier, healthier, more connected life.

The 440 Mission

Be the most inclusive run club rooted in connection, integrity and fun.

Inspire our communities to move in a way that feels good to them (walk, shuffle or run), connect in person over a coffee and have fun.

What is the 440?

The 440 is a warm and welcoming Run Club open to all runners, walkers and shufflers. We show up rain, hail or shine every week to move together and connect in person.

Built by the community, for our community.



Our ultimate goal is to get 1,000,000 people moving in a way that feels best to them; walk, shuffle, run…. We just want you to show up for yourself, move, and enjoy some fun along the way. One step at a time.

The most important part about working with the 440 is we want you to come out and move with us! Get involved and experience the connection, growth stories and fun alongside the founders, Run Bosses and your community. We are all about authentic connection through movement and it doesn’t stop with who we partner with, locally or globally.

We aim to first and foremost ensure any partnerships will serve our community run members. They are why we exist. We will only consider partnerships that support all runners and does not disrupt the consistency and simplicity of our weekly club. We are run, dip, sip at our core.

There are opportunities to explore events and experiences that bring our community members together outside of our consistent weekly run club on a quarterly basis. Our members are busy and love the simplicity and consistency of what we offer. We will consider partnering to co-create events that are mutually beneficial to our brands and improve our community runner experience.

As the 440 Run Club is a community focused, supported and supporting entity, we love our local partnerships! At minimum, we always connect with a local coffee shop to host our post run and sip connection time. We love to share where we sip on our socials, at the local and parent company level, to ensure our community knows and visits you, too! Local shops can work with each local Run Boss to create a partnership that works best. Often times it is a gift of a percent off your first coffee and/or post run snack.

If you’re a local fitness studio or business looking to get involved, we first ask that you run with us to have a greater understanding of our community. If you’d like to support the community runners with passes or demos, we ask that you work with a Run Boss for approval first and create a way of sharing your business with our runners outside of the core offering of run, dip, sip. This ensures those who are interested can choose to participate and it does not confuse or dilute who we are as The 440 Run Club.  

If you're interested, connect with your local Run Boss or email here